Xem phiên bản đầy đủ : HCM Nice living room with full facilities Saigon Pearl; $1200/90sqm

16-09-2011, 08:28 AM
Nice living room with full facilities Saigon Pearl; $1200/90sqm
Code: SP2_01

Area: 90 m2
Bathrooms: 2
Bedrooms: 2
Furniture: Yes
Status: Available
Price / Month: $1200/ month
Apartment has an area to 90sqm. Nice living room with full facilities, it has a very luxurious interior. Apartment located on the highest floor, where you can enjoy the beautiful space of the Saigon River. You'll enjoy the fresh air. Just 5 minutes to the center of the city. Rental / month: 1200 USD.
We have several 2 – 4 bedroom luxury apartment with good price $800 – $2000 per month for your best choice!
Please contact us as soon as possible:
Mr.Kevin: (+84) 932 119 772 or Ms.Mi: (+84) 974 684 777
Mail: kevingiaviet@gmail.com
http://welcomereal.com/images/stories/user_guide/Saigonluxruy.9.04/Living%20room%202.jpg (http://welcomereal.com/images/stories/user_guide/Saigonluxruy.9.04/Living%20room%202.jpg)
http://welcomereal.com/images/stories/user_guide/Saigonluxruy.9.04/Closet.jpg (http://welcomereal.com/images/stories/user_guide/Saigonluxruy.9.04/Closet.jpg)
http://welcomereal.com/images/stories/user_guide/Saigonluxruy.9.04/Kitchen%202.jpg (http://welcomereal.com/images/stories/user_guide/Saigonluxruy.9.04/Kitchen%202.jpg)
http://welcomereal.com/images/stories/user_guide/Saigonluxruy.9.04/Kitchen%203.jpg (http://welcomereal.com/images/stories/user_guide/Saigonluxruy.9.04/Kitchen%203.jpg)